General Office-ness...or Not

Just some general bits of Office-related stuff floating around in the ol' noggin:

* I love me some Jenna Fischer. I've been watching her appearances on Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and even heard audio of her visit to NPR's Fresh Air w/Terry Gross. Jenna is so unbelievably down to earth. Seriously. She's a midwestern girl (like me) and it shows! Very personable, genuine, not an ounce of "diva" in her. She still goes to craft shows with her mom, people! Now that's keepin' it real.

* Steve Carell, I love you too, but dude can you please tone down the fake sarcastic shtick when you're being interviewed? It's getting old. He does this thing where someone will ask him a question like "What's it like working with Anne Hathaway" and he'll answer sarcastically "Oh she's awful. Terrible actress. So demanding." (I'm paraphrasing). Or someone will tell him how wonderful & funny he is and he'll respond "Yes I am. I'm incredibly funny. I don't know how I live with myself". Once or twice is ok, but every interview?! It's annoying. Time to try something new.

* I'm replacing my obsession with The Office temporarily with an obsession for Jon & Kate Plus 8. If you've never seen it, go now directly to your local television and tune to TLC. It's probably on right now because - man alive - does that show re-run!! I promise you won't be disappointed. Basic summary: Jon & Kate had twins 7 or 8 years ago via fertility treatments. When the twins were 3 or 4, they went back for more fertility treatments to try for one more baby and ended up with sextuplets!!! Their house is chaotic. Their children are screamers & fighters, but still friggin' adorable (except for that brat Mady...I'm sorry but she needs serious behavioral help). Little Aaden is my favorite. And I'm starting to develop a small crush on Jon :). Anyway, watch it.

* Season 4 DVD's come out in early September. I've seen the cover art. Not impressed at all. But I'm hearing rumors of a 40-minute blooper reel. If that's true, they can put dissected pigs on the cover for all I care. Forty minutes of bloopers??!! Dude!

* A thought has been nagging me ever since the season ended. I feel like the Jim/Pam relationship was rushed. I know he's been in love with her forever, and she's secretly loved him forever, and their dating courtship actually lasted about a year in "Office time". Nevertheless I really wish the writers had sloooooowed things down a bit. At the very least save the engagement talk for Season 5. That damn writer's strike fucked everything up!