Thoughts on C.R.I.M.E.- A.I.D.

Another great episode! Lots of laughs, a few tears, and some good ol' fashioned kissing in the stairwell.

Michael and Holly - My God those two are adorable. They are more like peas and carrots than Forrest and Jenny. It's wonderful to see Michael so happy...FINALLY! Is he inappropriate and creepy most of the time? Sure. Of course. But deep down he's still a decent, warm guy and he deserves to have happiness too. Normally I would be bothered by the speed with which their relationship is progressing, but somehow it doesn't seem weird to me. Maybe because Holly wants it as much as Michael does...maybe more?? I'm very happy they are together, but very worried about their future :(

Jim, Pam and...ROY??!! - Well there's a blast from the past, eh? Roy returns for the obligatory let's-fuck-with-Jim's-mind cameo appearance. And guess what? It worked...for juuuuuust a little while, it worked. Jim actually worried about what Pam was doing with her new "friends"; enough to get in the car and start driving toward New York to check up on her. THANK GOD he turned around. I don't think Ms. Beesly would have taken too kindly to Jim showing up unannounced, because I don't think he would have been able to pass it off as some romantic surprise visit. But in the end, like Jim said, he is not that guy. "That guy" is Roy.

As a sidenote...um, when is this friggin' summer semester at art school going to end??!! Did she sign up for more time? Is it not October in Office time? It should be because next week is the Halloween episode. So what the hell? A little explanation would be great.

Dwight / Angela / Andy - Oh boy. They set a date, complete with a glitter filled save-the-date card. It's a major reality slap for Dwight. The little trysts in the warehouse were just that...little trysts. Not the rekindling of their lost romance. She's going ahead with the wedding because, as Phyllis (who rocked in this episode!!) said "Angela's not really a risk taker and Andy's not really a risk". He's safe, respectable, stable, and most importantly controllable (Angela wants to wear the pants, the skirt and the leather whip in her relationships). I understand why Phyllis told Dwight to issue the ultimatum, but honestly let's consider who it was being issued to. Angela. The Ice Queen. As if she would ever actually respond to an ultimatum.

But then again, if Dwight goes through with his end of the ultimatum, i.e. saying goodbye "to this" (*shudder*), maybe that will be the push Angela needs to finally dump Andy - like we all know she should - and get back together with her beloved "D".

Favorite moments/quotes:
* Michael's "Miss ya kiddo" to Pam
* Jim's little smirk when Michael & Holly were planning their next date
* Holly's "Hell yeah"
* "Angela's not really a risk taker and Andy's not really a risk"
* "The future mother of my children"
* "Instead of farms fighting against AIDS..."
* "He knows how to get things. He got me" "Twice"
* Michael as the auctioneer: "Hey batta batta..."
* "500 dollars and one penny"
* "I am not that guy and we are not that couple"
* Holly "shushing" Michael with her hands and the way he looked at her when she did it
And my favorite: "It squeaks when you bang it. That's what she said" Best TWSS EVER!!!!!


Thoughts on Baby Shower

Aaaaaaand there's the Office I know and love! Extra awesome episode! I mean, anytime you have a cold open that involves Dwight birthing a butter-covered watermelon onto Michael's floor, you know genius is upon you. I laughed, I cried, I threw up a little in my mouth (I can't believe he ate the watermelon!!!).

Michael/Holly/EvilFuckingC*ntJan - Oh my. So much going on here. The tension between Michael and Holly. The tension between Michael and Jan. The fact that Michael felt nothing when holding Ass-Turd (lol!). The fact that Jan fucking had Ass-Turd without Michael being there (I cannot believe the nerve of that bitch!!!!), yet she still wants to rely on him for help ("Remind me to talk to you about Astrid's 529"). I could write a novel, but I'll keep it short.

Michael matured in this episode. You could see it. Michael just wants someone to love, who will love him back. He didn't get it with Jan. He didn't feel it with Ass-Turd. But then there's Holly. Wonderful, sensitive, perfect-for-him Holly. When Michael hugged her and asked her out, I think at that moment all of Jim's advice about taking it slow, getting to know her, blah blah blah went right out the window because Michael didn't care anymore. He likes Holly and wants to be with her. Period. He's no longer content with waiting to be happy. Also, I think he is sick and f-ing tired of Jan telling him what to do all the time. "Don't date Holly". Really? Well fuck you, bitch. Fuck you.

When he held Ass-Turd and said he felt "short-changed", I don't think he just meant short-changed for missing the birth. I think he meant short-changed by life; for never being able to achieve his dream of being married and having babies. He wants the ketchup fights, dammit! He thought being involved in Jan's baby's life would finally be his ticket to happiness. But since it's not his baby and Jan gave birth without him there, clearly someone ripped up that ticket. Jan is a thief of joy.

By the way, can I just say this? Amy Ryan is a treasure. She is an amazing actress and the best thing to happen to The Office since the arrival of The Nard Puppy (lol!). Producers, I hope you are listening. I am one of thousands of voices who feels Amy/Holly needs to stick around permanently. Make. It. Happen.

Jim and Pam - *sigh* Long-distances romances. They are not easy. When I first dated my husband, we were apart for the first couple of years and only saw one another on weekends. It was hard (TWSS) and there were many days like the one Jim and Pam had. Missed phone calls, one too busy to talk to the other, a feeling of disconnect between us. You're each living these alternative lives that have nothing to do with one another, yet you are each the single most important person in each other's lives. Those two concepts don't work together.

So, where is this going? Are we headed for JAM Tensionville? Is one of them going to make some grand gesture of dropping everything and running to be with the other person (like Pam dropping out of school, or Jim asking for a transfer to NY?). This whole 3 months in NY thing has to be ending soon, right? Why can't Pam just come back to Scranton and sit behind her reception desk, so all can be right with the world? Is that too much to ask? I just want to see Pam and Jim in the conference room, watching videotapes of bands for their wedding, ya know? Enough with the angst already. I'm all for character development, but not at the expense of fucking with one of the best relationships in the history of television.

Oh and PS - Fancy New Beesly is wearing lipstick!!

Favorite moments/quotes
* "We gave you a golden shower".
* Ass-turd...oh and Chevy!
* "...and her little grape head is under mine"
* The Nard Puppy (I really hope they put that collage of baby pics online)
* "She is in the terminal stages of her pregnancy" and "...to pay respect to her bloated feelings"
* Michael holding the various babies...awww!
* Dwight with the stroller
* "It must be like the tide at Omaha Beach."
* The fact that Meredith drank from a baby bottle the entire shower
* The babydaddy conversation
* "She smells like old tomatoes and dirt"
* The Michael/Holly hug
* The Jim/Pam message montage (very well edited, I might add)
* And my favorite: The entire cold open. I still can't believe he ate the watermelon. I can't believe Dwight drank the water. I can't believe I got to hear Dwight Schrute say "My cervix is ripening".


Thoughts on Business Ethics

Well, kids, they can't all be slam dunks.

It's taken me a while to write this entry because...well...I didn't have much to say. With a few exceptions, that sure was one yawner of an episode. Very little plot development (maybe none?) and just kinda "bleh" as Michael would say. I know the Office purists will say "That's what The Office was originally supposed to be. A mocumentary about daily life in an office. No drama. No plot development. Just people being people." Yeah, well, phooey! It hasn't been like that since Season 1. I'm not asking for a rest stop engagement or a surprise sperm donor pregnancy in every episode...that would be stupid. That would be a soap opera. But just a little more oomph from this episode would have been nice.

I can only do one real "category" this week:

Michael/Holly - So, they've progressed a bit. Okay, there's your plot development this week. They've taken the next baby step in their non-relationship relationship and shared a meal together at the "business romantic" seafood restaurant. And they had their first fight. And their first make up. But no make up sex because Michael is taking things slow. *yawn*

But I will say this: I still LOVE Holly and hope things between her and Michael work out somehow.

By the way, how funny was this? Let's begin our business ethics meeting by dancing to "Let's Get Physical".
There's nothing left to talk about
Unless it's horizontally

Meredith - Special shout out to my character namesake this week, for FINALLY having a front-and-center storyline. And giving me what will now be my nickname for all of eternity: The Meranator!!!!

Favorite moments/quotes:
Jim's engagement announcement, the reactions, and Pam's "Sorry!" after Michael tackles Jim
Jim and the stop watch - classic!!
Jim's Battlestar Galactica recap
"It's a trick question. The bread is poisoned. Also, it's not your real family. You've been cuckolded by a stronger, smarter male."
"Would you like to bang it out over lunch?"
And my favorite: "The Meranator!! Sleepin' with suppliers!"