Spoiler Alert!! - Part 2

More spoilers from Officetally, written in white below. Highlight with your mouse:

* Holly Flax will be in the season premiere. I'm VERY happy to hear this. I really like her character and the actress as well. I think there is a plethora of potential for her character:
a) Tons of possibilities with the Holly/Michael/Jan triangle
b) Make it a quadrangle with Kevin thrown in, because he's "totally gonna bang Holly"
c) I could see either Andy or Dwight making a play for Holly when one of them is inevitably
dumped/shunned by Angela.
d) ...and then there's Creed, from Quabidy Ashuance

* At some point in the season, Michael is going to make the office throw a baby shower for Jan. Train. Wreck.


Season 5 - Spoiler Alert!!

Thanks to the good folks at officetally.com, we have a few really good spoilers for the Season 5 Premiere. They are written below in white. Highlight with your mouse:

1) It will be an hour long

2) It will take place over the summer. So for the first time we will see what happens during the summer months, isntead of that jump in time.

3) Each "act" (the time between commercials) will represent another week of the summer.

4) The office workers will be participating in some kind of weight loss challenge, the progress of which we will see over those 8 weeks.

Naturally, that's all they would reveal.

I was already pretty excited...now I'm jumping out of my skin. And it's only July.