Random idea about the spinoff

This goofy thought popped into my head over the weekend. I'm probably totally off base, but at the same time wouldn't it be kind of cool? What if the spin off were centered around the documentary filmmakers??!! The ones filming this unseen/unmentioned documentary about life in a Northeast regional paper supply company. Maybe we would see the cameramen discussing their thoughts about the various people in the office, or the latest social faux pas committed by Michael, or what they caught Phyllis & Bob Vance doing in the warehouse.

Huh? Huh? It could work, couldn't it?


Thoughts on Goodbye, Toby

Well. That was one crazy episode. I needed some quiet meditation time on that one. Like in yoga...or is that Yoda?

Jim/Pam: Despite my prediction of no engagement, I was still frickin' disappointed. I really wanted to be wrong. That look on Jim's face when he said "I am going to propose tonight. Holy crap!"? Priceless. Amazing. And then when he kissed her on top of the head? And that "Hey" right before he almost proposed? Oh my God!! I tried to figure out how I could actually climb into the TV screen and become Pam. I mean...just...seriously, how could any sane heterosexual woman not love Jim Halpert at that moment? But alas, the proposal didn't happen (Dammit, Andy!).

So that leaves us with this design school thing. Folks, I'm worried. Everything's going great for Jim & Pam. It's all love and hearts and all the wonderfulness we've always wanted. He's got the ring and he's gonna propose, but the plot is foiled (Dammit Andy!). So what are we left with for the summer hiatus? A non proposal (Dammit Andy!), a disappointed Pam, a 3-month separation, and Pam seeing this whole new life, in this whole new atmosphere, with a whole new group of people. I. Smell. Trouble. Yep, hate to say it, but I think when they come back in September, we'll see that the time apart, the missing proposal (Dammit Andy!) and the changes in their lives have caused some major tension in their relationship...

...or they'll be fine because Jim was offered Ryan's job at corporate and followed Pam to New York.

Holly: I really, really, really like her. A LOT!! She's sweet, warm, intelligent, and is the first person to not only tolerate Michael's "quirks", but also balance him out and bring him back down to Earth with the rest of us normal human adults. She likes him for who he is and she's not trying to control/change him like Jan did. She and Michael have the potential to form a genuine deep connection. It could be "the thing" I've been hoping would knock Michael down a few pegs. She also seems like she will make an excellent H/R rep - the perfect balance of professionalism and compassion.

Michael/Jan: That bitch!! I'm sorry, but screw her! Seriously. A sperm bank? Because Michael's DNA isn't good enough for you? You pompous psychotic loser! Get over yourself.

Whew. Now that I got that out of my system...

I know what Michael is doing, but...what is Michael DOING? Obviously he sees this as his one and only last chance to be a father, but c'mon! Wouldn't he rather not be a father at all than "sort of a daddy" to someone else's baby? And you know that won't last for long. Jan will use Michael for whatever she needs from him at the beginning - a lamaze coach, help when the baby is first born, maybe some babysitting - then kick him to the curb when his purpose has been served...leaving him absolutely heartbroken. Ick, ick, ick. Just all sorts of bad.

Andy/Angela/Dwight: Well, first of all...um...who's the office mattress?? Excuse me, Ms. Martin. She who is without sin may cast the first stone...or condom.

Whew. Now that I got that out of my system...

I feel like Andy sees dating & marrying Angela as just another thing he's "supposed" to do in life, you know? Remember his first day in Scranton, when he told the camera his grand plan for advancement in the company with "name repetition and personality mirroring"? He's all about advancing his status in life. He's been carrying around an engagement ring in his wallet for six years waiting for the right moment. Who does that? Someone who is just gonna pop the question to the first person who fits into his "plan", that's who. When Angela dumps him (which she eventually will) I think he'll be more upset that his plan was thrown off course than broken-hearted over losing Angela.

As for the Bible-thumping slut and her extra curricular activities... Well, as I said before, I think more happened last week after the cameras stopped rolling. I don't believe they just happened to start rubbing uglies for the first time that night. I suppose we can conclude that they talked, then kissed, then re-consumated their relationship all over the foam peanuts in the warehouse. And then...? Angela said let's keep it a secret? Angela said it was a one-time thing? WHAT?!

So how's this one going to play out? Will Angela plan the wedding right up to the end and then pull a Pam and call it off? Will she dump Andy over the summer and openly date Dwight? Will Phyllis hold this juicy piece of info over Anglea's head and blackmail the hell out of her? Should be interesting.

Ryan "He used to be the temp here...and now he's inmate #11275" Howard: Yeah!! Have fun behind bars, you weasel! You're a pretty boy, so you'll be somebody's bitch within the first 5 minutes. You'll be da bell of da ball. Good luck with that.

Whew. Now that I got that out of my system...

I wasn't expecting him to get arrested. I thought he'd just get fired, so that was a fun bonus. I'd love to know who posted the video on YouTube and sent it to Jim. That was the best part! And I loved how Creed kept referring to him as "The temp" and "The kid". Awesome!

Best moments/quotes:
*"If the devil exploded and evil were gone forever, what sort of party would you have?"
*The entire Jim/Michael conversation, especially Michael's "N3-P's" and "CD mix tape"
*"I am going to propose tonight. Holy crap!"
*Both of Jim's voice mails for Ryan
*Everything about Kevin from start to finish. "I do the numbers" and "I am totally gonna bang Holly".
*"You cheated on me when I specifically asked you not to?"
*Jim's kiss on Pam's head
*Dwight: "Well, it's my own fault" (Has to be THE MOST human moment Dwight's ever had...and I think the first time he's ever really acknowledged to the camera that they had a relationship)
*And of course the hot & steamy Angela/Dwight action up against the accounting files.

Season finale predictions

NOTE: These predictions were originally written on May 15 at 8:45 a.m., several hours before the show aired. I'm just sayin'...

*Jim/Pam engagement? No. Honestly, I think they are going to cliffhang the crap out of this one. I hope I'm wrong, but I am very worried.

*Angela/Dwight reunion? Yes. I think their afternoon alone in the office last week yielded more results than we saw on camera. I think more will be revealed.

*Ryan going down? Oh yeah! Big time. Whether it's for the drug problem or his shitty job as manager, I think his butt will get canned.

*Jan? Roy? Other surprises? Yeah, I can see Jan showing up, begging Michael to take her back. Roy...eh, maybe/maybe not. It would be an interesting twist though, wouldn't it? I definitely don't think Pam would break up with Jim or anything, but I could see some kind of weird misunderstanding involving Roy leading to a big Jim/Pam fight. Beyond that, I predict that Michael is going to show interest in the new H/R lady...oh and that we will NOT know anything more about the spinoff when the show is over than we do now.

Thoughts on Job Fair

Michael – Ok, seriously. I am about ready to reach through the screen and slap him. He is turning into such a friggin’ jerk!!! It’s worse than ever! The way he treated Pam was just awful. Just when you think there’s a glimmer of hope that he is a normal human being (last week during his private talk with Stanley), he pulls the rug out from under you with lines like “They don’t have to worry cuz they ain’t going to college” and “Pam, the office hottie. She will do you”. It’s gone from being funny and quirky to just plain cruel. I hope something happens in the finale that knocks him on his ass!

Jim – Up until now, Jim didn’t give two shits about his job. It was a way to pay the bills. He had no motivation to work hard. He had no reason to try bettering himself. Well now he’s found his reason…Pam. I think it is soooo sweet how hard he’s working in order to keep his job and make himself “worthy” for Pam (although it’s obvious Pam is the kind of person who would stick by him even if he delivered pizzas). The amount of love he has for that woman…wow. I mean, we knew it, but in this episode we were really able to SEE it. And I’m so glad he went after that executive guy and pressured him into sealing the deal. I was worried he was going to have a “Michael moment” and spill his guts to this guy (I’m about to lose my job and maybe the woman I love unless you agree to a deal with me). I’m glad he didn’t.

Pam – Oh boy. Now I am officially concerned. That last little scene at the end of the episode was shown for a very specific reason. What that reason is, I don’t know. But it’s obvious that “something” will come out of that little visit to the graphic design booth. At first I thought they were just showing how Pam has a long way to go in pursuing her art/graphic design dream, since she wasn’t even qualified for the entry level job. However, the more I’ve thought about it (and after watching it 3 times ), I now feel it has more significance than that. Especially when she kept repeating “New York or Philadelphia. Ok. New York or Philadelphia”. Many of the fans are speculating that she & Jim will be the subject of the Office spin-off, moving to either NY or Philly to pursue Pam’s dream. I’m not buying it, but I do believe something is going to happen in the finale and it might not be good. Uh oh.

Dwight and Angela – Well. Alrighty then. Alone in the office for hours and all they can say to one another is “Bless you” after a sneeze and “Thank you” after holding the door open? Hmm…this is a puzzler. One of two things will come of those awkward alone moments. Either a) it’s just setting up the tension for some kind of Dwight & Angela drama/argument/reunion in the finale, or b) something happened after they walked out of the office that the cameras didn’t see, but that we’ll hear about next week. Again, like Pam’s scene at the end, those scenes with Dwight & Angela had to have been shown for a reason.

Best moments/quotes:
*“Euthanize this place”
*“Oh my God, you guys. I’m dating Barak Obama”
*“You remember Ryan. He used to be the temp.”
*Andy’s blistered hands, the gloves full of lotion, and him trying to drink the beer
* Stanley ignoring Dwight, walking out, and Dwight saying “He left”.
*“Hey Pumpkin, it’s Creed. We’re gonna ditch this bitch”
*Pam’s speech to Michael, especially the “…then you sneezed in my tea” part
*Jim on the phone with Pam: “I like you”
*The Jim/Pam mini makeout session at the end , and then the handshake afterwards
*“Kiss her. Kiss her good”
*And my favorite…Andy crashing the golf cart!!!!

Thoughts on Did I Stutter?

Is it possible to feel both warm & fuzzy and sick to your stomach all at once? Well I do after watching this episode.

Stanley – Did you stutter? No, but you did yell. A lot. And I friggin’ LOVED it!!! Somebody needed to do that to Michael. He needed to be knocked down a peg or two…or twenty. While I will agree that it probably wasn’t professional of Stanley to snap at Michael and subsequently bitch him out in front of everybody, it still needed to happen. And hooray for Leslie David Baker! Very happy to see more of the background players.

Michael – It really amazes me that he hasn’t figured out WHY he doesn’t have more friends. I mean honestly! When you tell a woman wearing glasses that she looks like an ugly scientist, she will want to kill you. He’s such a screwed up person. He says shit like that to Pam, then later on he’s crying in front of Stanley because “I don’t understand why you’re always picking on me”. Wow. But then…but then…my God, a human moment! He told Stanley, very matter-of-factly and very boss-like, that he cannot speak to Michael that way anymore because he’s the boss. Period. Here’s what I noticed – his human moment came when he didn’t have an audience. Everyone left the room and he didn’t know the cameras were watching. When it’s just the two of them, alone, he’s relatively normal.

Pam and her Glasses – Adorable! Frickin’ adorable! If she got herself a pair of non-50’s school marm glasses, she would be even more smokin’ hot than she is now. Oh and how about that subtle-as-a-heart-attack comment “I spent the night at a friend’s house”. As if we don’t know!! C’mon, Pam, don’t be shy.

Toby & Ryan – Sniveling little weasels, the both of them. Ryan is an ass…a coked-out, conniving, manipulative, cocky little ass! I cannot WAIT to see his downfall…cuz you know it’s coming! And as for Toby…what the hell? You’re jealous of Jim because he got “your” girl, but dude you had so many chances to tell her how you felt and you blew them all. That’s nobody’s fault but your own. Man up, Toby. Let Jim & Pam be happy and stop being a dickhead weasel.

Jim – Ok, here’s where I’m getting worried. Do I think Jim will be fired? No. But I think Jim will be worried about getting fired and, as a result, won’t propose to Pam yet because he’ll think he’s not good enough, can’t provide for her, etc. I just have this sinking feeling in my gut that the season finale isn’t going to be the hearts & roses love fest that we’d all like it to be. Cliffhanger once again. Ugh.

Best moments/quotes:
·Once again, the cold open had me in stitches. More stuff smeared on Michael’s head!!
·Creed: "And I want to see her topless"
·Dwight: “I hope nothing horrible ever happens to them”
·Dwight flipping Andy’s car for profit.
·THE CHART!!! (If you want a good laugh, go to officetally.com or nbc.com to find a downloadable .pdf file of the chart. You can see the chart magnified…lots of little things that you can't see in the episode itself. Like the two man symbols next to Oscar’s name to indicate he’s gay)
·Darryl’s entire conversation with Michael, especially Fluffy Fingers!!!
·#1 favorite – Jim’s fake proposal in the conference room (“If you, Pamela Morgan Beesly…”)

Thoughts on Night Out

Well, that was certainly an...um...interesting episode. Now, y'all know my obsession with this show, but this episode was not one of my favorites AT ALL . Don't get me wrong, it definitely had some VERY funny lines/moments, but overall the whole thing felt weird and kind of "forced" I guess. It's clear to me that they are trying to cram a bunch of stuff into only a handful of episodes. Now, having said that, there are still some funny/interesting moments to comment on:

Jim - This is the second time this season we've seen him morph into a Michael-esque persona. Not exactly sure what's going on there, but I know I don't like it. Michael is Michael because he's Michael, not because he's "the guy in charge" and anybody in charge would turn into that bumbling, inappropriate dumbass. Jim is too smart for that. Yet twice he's been left in charge of the office and both times he's made Michael-like mistakes. The jury is still out for me on this particular character development.

Jim & Pam - Anyone else catch the little Bickersons moment between them? "I thought you said you had the guard's number." "I do, Jim. It rings here. You want that phone number?" OMG they are human beings after all.

Ryan - Wow. A drug problem. That was an interesting development, but I guess not totally unexpected. I figured Ryan would let the whole New York vibe get to him and he'd take a major fall, but that's even more major than I imagined. It will be interesting to see where the writers take this. Will he return to Scranton, disgraced and demoted? Will he go into rehab? Will he be homeless & alone and have to...*gasp*...move in with Michael??!! Can you imagine?

Toby - Ok, confession time. As an avid reader of all the office blogs & fan sites, I've read that NBC had the title of the season finale posted online for a brief bit of time, then took it down. The title was "Goodbye, Toby". So I was not completely surprised to hear him talk about moving to Costa Rica. But setting that aside for a moment...what the hell was with him rubbing Pam's leg? In front of Jim? Maybe he has a drug problem too!! Talk about ballsy. I'm sure he just got caught up in the moment because he's been in love with Pam for a long time now. Poor guy. I hope he finds his Pam in Costa Rica.

Michael & Dwight hit Da Club - This had the potential to be 1000 times funnier than it was. I mean, yeah, Dwight making out with the amazon woman was hilarious, as was Michael saying he was a bank teller (i.e. "in finance"), but beyond that I was yawning at these scenes. Such a waste.

Best moments/quotes:
* The entire cold open - the gum in Michael's hair, the peanut butter in Michael's hair, the dialogue between Michael & Dwight - awesome!!!
* The sexual predator infiltrating Dunder Mifflin Infinity
* "Yeah, I have a some questions. First of all, how dare you? "
* "I'm off to get laid" "Yeah! With sex!"
* Creed actually knowing the security guard's name...and nobody listening to him
* "Show of hands, who thinks we're a better couple than Jim & Pam?"
* Pam hitting Meredith with the football
* "If I'm dead, you'll have been dead for weeks"
*...and what has to be THE BEST OFFICE LINE EVER...* Michael asking Jim "Would you have sex with Meredith?" I'm screaming at the TV "Oh please God say yes!!" My husband didn't particularly like that :)

Thoughts on Chair Model

1) Michael – Yeah, he’s definitely bringing shithead back. Rude, distasteful, selfish, and all around icky. When he made the workers fill out his “love cards” or face termination…wow. Everything in Michael Scott’s world is and always will be about Michael Scott. There is a teeny tiny part of me that feels a little sorry for Jan Levinson-Devil for having to put up with that. But it’s a very teeny tiny part because clearly she is just as selfish.

2) Kevin – Poor Kevin. I just want to hug him. That moment when he said “It’s just nice to win one” was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen on that show. Kudos to Brian Baumgartner .

3) Jim and Pam – Where do I start? From the cute little “Give that to me” flirty moment in the break room, to the conversation at reception about moving in together & getting engaged, to of course Jim and the ring , everything was just spot on classic “JAM”. Like everyone else, I gasped when he showed us that ring and about fell out of my chair when he got down on one knee…to tie his shoe!!! As long as I’m handing out the kudos…kudos to John Krasinski . The smile on his face when he showed the camera the ring…Honestly? I don’t think that was acting. I think John Krasinski the actor is just as giggly school girl happy about Jim & Pam getting engaged as those of us watching the show are. It was sweet.

Best Moments/Quotes
*“Oscar Meyer weiner…lover”·
*“…because of your condition”·
*Kevin’s “As God is my witness…” speech about the parking situation ·
*Phyllis “Call us when you get there so we know you’re ok”·
*“What part of shornt don’t you understand?”·
*Creed’s quest for 3 chairs – WTF??·
*Kevin “It’s just nice to win one” ·
*Of course the moving in/engagement/”I bought it a week after we started dating” montage·
*Of course the down-on-one-knee/shoe tying scene

Thoughts on Dinner Party

So many comments, so little time:
1) Jan and Michael - Has to be the most dysfunctional relationship I've ever seen. Just 10 types of wrong those two. She makes him sleep on the bench because she has "space issues"? She's maybe poisoning his food? She made her own office and work space so she has somewhere to escape when she's "annoyed, frustrated, angry"? And OMG that bitch really DID make Michael get a vasectomy...then reverse it...then un-reverse it . And then the cops made him stay somewhere else because he was a possible domestic violence victim? Assault with a deadly Dundie!! Michael deserves better. Jan is evil. Oh and somebody's a little jealous of the nothing-remotely-close-to-an-attraction/past thing with Pam and Michael (umm...eww??!!). Mee-ow! The kitten has claws!

2) Jim and Pam - Becoming a true actual "couple"...attending dinner parties together, sending secret facial-expression signals to each other across the room, pulling the girlfriend guilt card so Jim won't desert her at the party, stopping for food after the dinner party, all that cute "coupley" stuff. Oh and who else caught it when Jim said "See you at home, Pam"? Hmmm. Probably nothing, but maybe not .

3) Angela and Andy - She is so not into that relationship AT ALL. Andy is trying, bless him, but Angela is mentally miles away. They're very weird together. I don't see them lasting too much longer. (P.S. Anyone else distracted by the different ways they were hiding Angela Kinsey's baby belly?)

4) Dwight and...his babysitter??? - It's weird because the internet chatter I read said she was Michael's mom, but obviously that was false. Anyway, poor Dwight. Snubbed by Michael and forced to watch his beloved Angela with another man. At least he had his beet salad to ease his sorrows.

Best moments/quotes:
* Michael screaming "That's what she said!!"
* Jim messing with Michael with the whole Katie Holmes/Dawson's Creek/Tom Cruise thing.
* Michael broke the sliding glass door running through it to chase the ice cream truck!!
* "My apartment is on fire." "Flooded." "Flooded."
* Jim's and Pam's whispering talking heads in the bathroom
* Hunter's CD, Jan dancing to it (and seductively rubbing herself ), and Jim stealing it.
* The tri pod with the video camera in the bedroom!!
* Jim and Pam calling each other "Babe" in the car at the hot dog stand
* Jim's face when he looked at the camera while they were in Jan's candle room . It was a combo of "Help me" and "I'm gonna puke".


Hi everyone! Well, here's the deal. I belong to a "general lifestyle" message board that contains a specific TV-related posting section. Each week, after a new Office episode aired, I really wanted a place to express my thoughts/feelings about what happened in the episode. So I started posting in the Office thread. As the weeks went on, my posts were getting longer...and longer...and longer. After the Season 4 finale, I realized it was time to stop sucking up the server space on the board and just make a friggin' blog already!

Since Season 4 has ended, I will go back and copy/paste my message board posts here as my jumping off point for the blog. During the summer hiatus...well...I'm not sure what I'll post. Random Office-related thoughts that pop into my head (as they often do), updates & spoilers about the upcoming season, thoughts about the eventual Office spin-off (Here's my first thought...um, WHAT??!!). And who knows - maybe a random non Office related post here and there.

In order to truly enjoy this blog, I think you need to be a rabid fan of the show. If you're a casual watcher, you will think I'm crazy and have no life. I promise, I do. Granted, my family is >thisclose< to staging an intervention, but I do manage to function normally outside of the world of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.

So, enjoy! Comment! Tell me I'm a genius! Tell me I'm a moron! I'm a big girl, I can take it (That's what she said!).

Now, break me off a piece of that football cream...