Spoiler Alert!! - Part 2

More spoilers from Officetally, written in white below. Highlight with your mouse:

* Holly Flax will be in the season premiere. I'm VERY happy to hear this. I really like her character and the actress as well. I think there is a plethora of potential for her character:
a) Tons of possibilities with the Holly/Michael/Jan triangle
b) Make it a quadrangle with Kevin thrown in, because he's "totally gonna bang Holly"
c) I could see either Andy or Dwight making a play for Holly when one of them is inevitably
dumped/shunned by Angela.
d) ...and then there's Creed, from Quabidy Ashuance

* At some point in the season, Michael is going to make the office throw a baby shower for Jan. Train. Wreck.

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