Thoughts on Business Ethics

Well, kids, they can't all be slam dunks.

It's taken me a while to write this entry because...well...I didn't have much to say. With a few exceptions, that sure was one yawner of an episode. Very little plot development (maybe none?) and just kinda "bleh" as Michael would say. I know the Office purists will say "That's what The Office was originally supposed to be. A mocumentary about daily life in an office. No drama. No plot development. Just people being people." Yeah, well, phooey! It hasn't been like that since Season 1. I'm not asking for a rest stop engagement or a surprise sperm donor pregnancy in every episode...that would be stupid. That would be a soap opera. But just a little more oomph from this episode would have been nice.

I can only do one real "category" this week:

Michael/Holly - So, they've progressed a bit. Okay, there's your plot development this week. They've taken the next baby step in their non-relationship relationship and shared a meal together at the "business romantic" seafood restaurant. And they had their first fight. And their first make up. But no make up sex because Michael is taking things slow. *yawn*

But I will say this: I still LOVE Holly and hope things between her and Michael work out somehow.

By the way, how funny was this? Let's begin our business ethics meeting by dancing to "Let's Get Physical".
There's nothing left to talk about
Unless it's horizontally

Meredith - Special shout out to my character namesake this week, for FINALLY having a front-and-center storyline. And giving me what will now be my nickname for all of eternity: The Meranator!!!!

Favorite moments/quotes:
Jim's engagement announcement, the reactions, and Pam's "Sorry!" after Michael tackles Jim
Jim and the stop watch - classic!!
Jim's Battlestar Galactica recap
"It's a trick question. The bread is poisoned. Also, it's not your real family. You've been cuckolded by a stronger, smarter male."
"Would you like to bang it out over lunch?"
And my favorite: "The Meranator!! Sleepin' with suppliers!"

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