Thoughts on Business Trip

This was...how you say?...a great episode. It was...how you say?...endearing, heartbreaking and hilarious all at once. I...how you say?...loved it. And now here are my thoughts, feelings, opinions - you know, the whole nine nards!

Jim and Pam - Oh JAM. *sigh* You are wonderful in every way and my heart just flutters at the mere sight of the two of you together. You gave me a scare there, you two! With that whole "3 more months of this" thing. I really thought the writers were going to be a-holes and drag this art school thing out for another 12 episodes (which I think would have put is almost at the end of the season). Thank GOD you were just teasing us, you big teasy teasersons!!

It was so sweet how Jim - despite being desperate for her to come home and devastated at the thought of her staying - set his feelings aside and did what good partners do...supported the one he loves. He was willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of Pam's. He is definitely one of the good ones.

Jim really does love Pam. I know I am stating the obvious here, but it bears mentioning nonetheless. He really loves and adores that woman like nothing I've ever seen. The way he feels about her is pure. It's real. It's untainted. It's beautiful. The way he looked at her when she was standing in the parking lot. The amount of love on his face (I know they are actors. I know it's a TV show. Shut up!!!). I never get tired of it. I've watched that parking lot scene 6 or 7 times already. I could watch it a dozen more. It was perfect.

My only complaint regarding Jim in this episode comes from the scene where Dwight is making fun of Pam's painting on the wall. I would have REALLY liked to see (and was almost expecting) Jim get fucking furious with Dwight for saying those things about his beloved Pam. Considering how upset he was - how much he loved and missed Pam - to hear someone talking about what a shitty artist she is and how horrible her painting is...I don't know...most men would have blown a gasket. I kinda feel like somebody needs to knock Dwight down a peg or two, and that was the perfect moment - and the perfect person - to do it. Oh well.

Andy and Angela - When the Nard Dog is away, the Monkey will play I guess, right? Andy jets off to Ca-NA-da for his business trip and lo & behold Ms. Martin ends up in the arms of Dwight. But not before telling him to...oh I love this..."Be good". Cheaters are always the first ones to point the finger of blame.

So Andy goes away on his trip and, as is requested (demanded) of him by Angela, he behaves himself. Instead he channels his energies into "trying to get other dudes laid". But after a few bad decisions in a glass, he's drunk dialing Angela and telling her how he really feels; that there's something wrong with her and she needs sex school. Well, the first thing is true at least.

Poor Andy is going to have his heart not just broken, but shattered into a million little Nard Dog pieces. Whenever it happens (and I have to believe it will be soon) it is going to be explosive and unbelievable.

Michael - Heartbreaking. Absolutely, completely heartbreaking. He is so lost right now...maybe more than he's ever been. He's in his 40's and that window of opportunity for his happily-ever-after is quickly closing. He was sooooo close with Holly and then *BAM*. She's gone. David Wallace is a DICK for sending Holly away. There, I said it.

Michael's tryst with Concierge Marie happened because a) he was drunk, b) he is painfully lonely and c) he is desperate for someone to just make him feel loved. Clearly he didn't get that with her (as evidence by her almost instantaneously shoving him out the door). I think we are going to see the beginning of Angry Michael. I think we're going to see him be very short-tempered, snappy, irritable, and quick to punish. I think he's sick and tired of just trying to get everybody to like/love him because it's getting him nowhere. I think he's reached his breaking point and 40+ years of pent-up aggression are going to come out in a big way.

Favorite moments/quotes
*Meredith's "Hello"
*Kevin slapping Jim's ass, Creed rubbing his shoulder, and Stanley's knowing little laugh about Pam coming back
*"Michael G. Scott, rollin' like a pimp"
*"Follow moi, bro-seiur"
*"How you say...?"
*"Beer me dos Long Island ice teas"
*Drunk Andy
*Drunk Oscar
*Drunk Andy and Drunk Oscar drunk-dialing Angela
*"You get the whole nine nards"
*Darryl's victory march to his truck
*Michael telling off David
*"I realized that, for whatever reason, I couldn't do better than Kelly"
And my favorite: Pam's return and that entire scene in the parking lot. *sigh*

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