Hi everyone! Well, here's the deal. I belong to a "general lifestyle" message board that contains a specific TV-related posting section. Each week, after a new Office episode aired, I really wanted a place to express my thoughts/feelings about what happened in the episode. So I started posting in the Office thread. As the weeks went on, my posts were getting longer...and longer...and longer. After the Season 4 finale, I realized it was time to stop sucking up the server space on the board and just make a friggin' blog already!

Since Season 4 has ended, I will go back and copy/paste my message board posts here as my jumping off point for the blog. During the summer hiatus...well...I'm not sure what I'll post. Random Office-related thoughts that pop into my head (as they often do), updates & spoilers about the upcoming season, thoughts about the eventual Office spin-off (Here's my first thought...um, WHAT??!!). And who knows - maybe a random non Office related post here and there.

In order to truly enjoy this blog, I think you need to be a rabid fan of the show. If you're a casual watcher, you will think I'm crazy and have no life. I promise, I do. Granted, my family is >thisclose< to staging an intervention, but I do manage to function normally outside of the world of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.

So, enjoy! Comment! Tell me I'm a genius! Tell me I'm a moron! I'm a big girl, I can take it (That's what she said!).

Now, break me off a piece of that football cream...

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