Thoughts on Chair Model

1) Michael – Yeah, he’s definitely bringing shithead back. Rude, distasteful, selfish, and all around icky. When he made the workers fill out his “love cards” or face termination…wow. Everything in Michael Scott’s world is and always will be about Michael Scott. There is a teeny tiny part of me that feels a little sorry for Jan Levinson-Devil for having to put up with that. But it’s a very teeny tiny part because clearly she is just as selfish.

2) Kevin – Poor Kevin. I just want to hug him. That moment when he said “It’s just nice to win one” was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen on that show. Kudos to Brian Baumgartner .

3) Jim and Pam – Where do I start? From the cute little “Give that to me” flirty moment in the break room, to the conversation at reception about moving in together & getting engaged, to of course Jim and the ring , everything was just spot on classic “JAM”. Like everyone else, I gasped when he showed us that ring and about fell out of my chair when he got down on one knee…to tie his shoe!!! As long as I’m handing out the kudos…kudos to John Krasinski . The smile on his face when he showed the camera the ring…Honestly? I don’t think that was acting. I think John Krasinski the actor is just as giggly school girl happy about Jim & Pam getting engaged as those of us watching the show are. It was sweet.

Best Moments/Quotes
*“Oscar Meyer weiner…lover”·
*“…because of your condition”·
*Kevin’s “As God is my witness…” speech about the parking situation ·
*Phyllis “Call us when you get there so we know you’re ok”·
*“What part of shornt don’t you understand?”·
*Creed’s quest for 3 chairs – WTF??·
*Kevin “It’s just nice to win one” ·
*Of course the moving in/engagement/”I bought it a week after we started dating” montage·
*Of course the down-on-one-knee/shoe tying scene

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