Thoughts on Did I Stutter?

Is it possible to feel both warm & fuzzy and sick to your stomach all at once? Well I do after watching this episode.

Stanley – Did you stutter? No, but you did yell. A lot. And I friggin’ LOVED it!!! Somebody needed to do that to Michael. He needed to be knocked down a peg or two…or twenty. While I will agree that it probably wasn’t professional of Stanley to snap at Michael and subsequently bitch him out in front of everybody, it still needed to happen. And hooray for Leslie David Baker! Very happy to see more of the background players.

Michael – It really amazes me that he hasn’t figured out WHY he doesn’t have more friends. I mean honestly! When you tell a woman wearing glasses that she looks like an ugly scientist, she will want to kill you. He’s such a screwed up person. He says shit like that to Pam, then later on he’s crying in front of Stanley because “I don’t understand why you’re always picking on me”. Wow. But then…but then…my God, a human moment! He told Stanley, very matter-of-factly and very boss-like, that he cannot speak to Michael that way anymore because he’s the boss. Period. Here’s what I noticed – his human moment came when he didn’t have an audience. Everyone left the room and he didn’t know the cameras were watching. When it’s just the two of them, alone, he’s relatively normal.

Pam and her Glasses – Adorable! Frickin’ adorable! If she got herself a pair of non-50’s school marm glasses, she would be even more smokin’ hot than she is now. Oh and how about that subtle-as-a-heart-attack comment “I spent the night at a friend’s house”. As if we don’t know!! C’mon, Pam, don’t be shy.

Toby & Ryan – Sniveling little weasels, the both of them. Ryan is an ass…a coked-out, conniving, manipulative, cocky little ass! I cannot WAIT to see his downfall…cuz you know it’s coming! And as for Toby…what the hell? You’re jealous of Jim because he got “your” girl, but dude you had so many chances to tell her how you felt and you blew them all. That’s nobody’s fault but your own. Man up, Toby. Let Jim & Pam be happy and stop being a dickhead weasel.

Jim – Ok, here’s where I’m getting worried. Do I think Jim will be fired? No. But I think Jim will be worried about getting fired and, as a result, won’t propose to Pam yet because he’ll think he’s not good enough, can’t provide for her, etc. I just have this sinking feeling in my gut that the season finale isn’t going to be the hearts & roses love fest that we’d all like it to be. Cliffhanger once again. Ugh.

Best moments/quotes:
·Once again, the cold open had me in stitches. More stuff smeared on Michael’s head!!
·Creed: "And I want to see her topless"
·Dwight: “I hope nothing horrible ever happens to them”
·Dwight flipping Andy’s car for profit.
·THE CHART!!! (If you want a good laugh, go to officetally.com or nbc.com to find a downloadable .pdf file of the chart. You can see the chart magnified…lots of little things that you can't see in the episode itself. Like the two man symbols next to Oscar’s name to indicate he’s gay)
·Darryl’s entire conversation with Michael, especially Fluffy Fingers!!!
·#1 favorite – Jim’s fake proposal in the conference room (“If you, Pamela Morgan Beesly…”)

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