Thoughts on Dinner Party

So many comments, so little time:
1) Jan and Michael - Has to be the most dysfunctional relationship I've ever seen. Just 10 types of wrong those two. She makes him sleep on the bench because she has "space issues"? She's maybe poisoning his food? She made her own office and work space so she has somewhere to escape when she's "annoyed, frustrated, angry"? And OMG that bitch really DID make Michael get a vasectomy...then reverse it...then un-reverse it . And then the cops made him stay somewhere else because he was a possible domestic violence victim? Assault with a deadly Dundie!! Michael deserves better. Jan is evil. Oh and somebody's a little jealous of the nothing-remotely-close-to-an-attraction/past thing with Pam and Michael (umm...eww??!!). Mee-ow! The kitten has claws!

2) Jim and Pam - Becoming a true actual "couple"...attending dinner parties together, sending secret facial-expression signals to each other across the room, pulling the girlfriend guilt card so Jim won't desert her at the party, stopping for food after the dinner party, all that cute "coupley" stuff. Oh and who else caught it when Jim said "See you at home, Pam"? Hmmm. Probably nothing, but maybe not .

3) Angela and Andy - She is so not into that relationship AT ALL. Andy is trying, bless him, but Angela is mentally miles away. They're very weird together. I don't see them lasting too much longer. (P.S. Anyone else distracted by the different ways they were hiding Angela Kinsey's baby belly?)

4) Dwight and...his babysitter??? - It's weird because the internet chatter I read said she was Michael's mom, but obviously that was false. Anyway, poor Dwight. Snubbed by Michael and forced to watch his beloved Angela with another man. At least he had his beet salad to ease his sorrows.

Best moments/quotes:
* Michael screaming "That's what she said!!"
* Jim messing with Michael with the whole Katie Holmes/Dawson's Creek/Tom Cruise thing.
* Michael broke the sliding glass door running through it to chase the ice cream truck!!
* "My apartment is on fire." "Flooded." "Flooded."
* Jim's and Pam's whispering talking heads in the bathroom
* Hunter's CD, Jan dancing to it (and seductively rubbing herself ), and Jim stealing it.
* The tri pod with the video camera in the bedroom!!
* Jim and Pam calling each other "Babe" in the car at the hot dog stand
* Jim's face when he looked at the camera while they were in Jan's candle room . It was a combo of "Help me" and "I'm gonna puke".

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