Thoughts on Job Fair

Michael – Ok, seriously. I am about ready to reach through the screen and slap him. He is turning into such a friggin’ jerk!!! It’s worse than ever! The way he treated Pam was just awful. Just when you think there’s a glimmer of hope that he is a normal human being (last week during his private talk with Stanley), he pulls the rug out from under you with lines like “They don’t have to worry cuz they ain’t going to college” and “Pam, the office hottie. She will do you”. It’s gone from being funny and quirky to just plain cruel. I hope something happens in the finale that knocks him on his ass!

Jim – Up until now, Jim didn’t give two shits about his job. It was a way to pay the bills. He had no motivation to work hard. He had no reason to try bettering himself. Well now he’s found his reason…Pam. I think it is soooo sweet how hard he’s working in order to keep his job and make himself “worthy” for Pam (although it’s obvious Pam is the kind of person who would stick by him even if he delivered pizzas). The amount of love he has for that woman…wow. I mean, we knew it, but in this episode we were really able to SEE it. And I’m so glad he went after that executive guy and pressured him into sealing the deal. I was worried he was going to have a “Michael moment” and spill his guts to this guy (I’m about to lose my job and maybe the woman I love unless you agree to a deal with me). I’m glad he didn’t.

Pam – Oh boy. Now I am officially concerned. That last little scene at the end of the episode was shown for a very specific reason. What that reason is, I don’t know. But it’s obvious that “something” will come out of that little visit to the graphic design booth. At first I thought they were just showing how Pam has a long way to go in pursuing her art/graphic design dream, since she wasn’t even qualified for the entry level job. However, the more I’ve thought about it (and after watching it 3 times ), I now feel it has more significance than that. Especially when she kept repeating “New York or Philadelphia. Ok. New York or Philadelphia”. Many of the fans are speculating that she & Jim will be the subject of the Office spin-off, moving to either NY or Philly to pursue Pam’s dream. I’m not buying it, but I do believe something is going to happen in the finale and it might not be good. Uh oh.

Dwight and Angela – Well. Alrighty then. Alone in the office for hours and all they can say to one another is “Bless you” after a sneeze and “Thank you” after holding the door open? Hmm…this is a puzzler. One of two things will come of those awkward alone moments. Either a) it’s just setting up the tension for some kind of Dwight & Angela drama/argument/reunion in the finale, or b) something happened after they walked out of the office that the cameras didn’t see, but that we’ll hear about next week. Again, like Pam’s scene at the end, those scenes with Dwight & Angela had to have been shown for a reason.

Best moments/quotes:
*“Euthanize this place”
*“Oh my God, you guys. I’m dating Barak Obama”
*“You remember Ryan. He used to be the temp.”
*Andy’s blistered hands, the gloves full of lotion, and him trying to drink the beer
* Stanley ignoring Dwight, walking out, and Dwight saying “He left”.
*“Hey Pumpkin, it’s Creed. We’re gonna ditch this bitch”
*Pam’s speech to Michael, especially the “…then you sneezed in my tea” part
*Jim on the phone with Pam: “I like you”
*The Jim/Pam mini makeout session at the end , and then the handshake afterwards
*“Kiss her. Kiss her good”
*And my favorite…Andy crashing the golf cart!!!!

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